Fuzzy Sharks uses art to educate and raise awareness of shark conservation.


What are Fuzzy Sharks?

Artist and Ocean Advocate Jessica Adanich created the Fuzzy Sharks art installation as a way to educate and inspire individuals to care about sharks. They are crucial apex predators in our ocean’s ecosystem. In order to have a healthy ocean, we need sharks!

Fuzzy Sharks is just one of many art pieces that Jessica has created to promote shark conservation. This classic and popular installation has become Jessica’s campaign name for her work. She hopes to educate, inspire and create action for our shark species.


The creator of Fuzzy Shark, Jessica Adanich is an artist and ocean advocate. She uses art to educate and inspire others.


People absorb information in a variety of ways including those that are visual, tactile and often unconventional. Art is one of them!


Fuzzy Sharks uses art as a vehicle to bring conservation issues to light while challenging people to engage on a deeper level.


Through education and awareness can come conservation. Fuzzy Sharks works to inspire others to take action for sharks!


The Artwork